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Screw-In Inserts for plastic made from brass (stainless steel available if required). Thread inserts for screwing in can be used as self-cutting thread inserts in thermoplastics, glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) and thermosets. In pre-moulded and pre-drilled attachment holes the three cutting slots create firm embedding in the base material.

M4 Short Length (L) – 5.60mm Outside Diameter (D) – 6.30mm Recommended Hole Size – 5.80 – 6.10mm

M5 Regular Length (L) – 8.40mm Outside Diameter (D) – 7.50mm Recommended Hole Size – 6.90mm

M6 Short Length (L) – 7.90mm Outside Diameter (D) – 8.70mm Recommended Hole Size – 8.00mm

M6 Regular Length (L) – 9.80mm Outside Diameter (D) – 8.70mm Recommended Hole Size – 8.00mm

M8 Regular Length (L) – 12.40mm Outside Diameter (D) – 11.06mm Recommended Hole Size – 10.1mm

M10 Regular Length (L) – 16mm Outside Diameter (D) – 13.95mm Recommended Hole Size – 13.0mm

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M4 Short, M5 Reg, M6 Short, M6 Regular, M8 Regular, M10 Regular, M10 Short, M4 Regular, M4 Long

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